50th birthday celebration volume twelve (2005)

Track Listing     

1. Your Inviolable Freedoms  20:29 
2. Dpm  16:24 
3. Prophethood Of Chaos  6:23


Bill Laswell: Bass  
John Zorn: Saxophone  
Hamid Drake: Drums  

Special Guest 
Mike Patton: Voice

All music by Hamid Drake, Bill Laswell, Mike Patton andJohn Zorn        
Recorded live at Tonic September 6, 2003 10pm  by Daniel Goldaracena 
Mastering - Scott Hull at Jigsaw Sound, NYC
Producer - John Zorn  
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama     
Design - Chippy (Heung-Heung Chin)    

TZADIK Blurb  

A powerful and breathtaking meeting of masters. With the tight rhythm section of Laswell and Drake, who have a long history working together in a variety of bands and contexts, and the empathetic insanity of Patton and Zorn, this set was as much of a surprise to the musicians as it was to the pumped up crowd that were lucky enough to hear it that night. Although billed as Painkiller, this once in a lifetime unit was really something completely different. At times hilarious, exhilarating, outrageous and transcendent, this is music only the New American Underground could create. East Coast meets West Coast meets Midwest: New York, California and Chicago come together in this twisted, funky improviser’s paradise.

Series:  Birthday Series     

Catalogue Number:  TZ5012   

Release Date: September 2005