collected works (1998)

Track Listing:  

Disc Zero
Guts Of A Virgin
1-1 Scud Attack  3:07
1-2 Deadly Obstacle Collage  0:18
1-3 Damage To The Mask  2:39
1-4 Guts Of A Virgin  1:15
1-5 Handjob  0:10
1-6 Portent 4:05
1-7 Hostage  2:22
1-8 Lathe Of God  0:53
1-9 Dr. Phibes  3:06
1-10 Purgatory Of Fiery Vulvas  0:24
1-12 Devil's Eye  4:43
Buried Secrets
1-13 Tortured Souls  1:53
1-14 One-Eyed Pessary  1:50
1-15 Trailmarker  0:08
1-16 Blackhole Dub  3:28
1-17 Buried Secrets  6:13
1-18 The Ladder  0:21
1-19 Executioner  2:48
1-20 Black Chamber  2:28
1-21 Skinned  0:53
1-22The Toll  7:34
1-23 Marianne  7:50
Disc One
Execution Ground
2-1 Parish Of Tama (Ossuary Dub)  16:04
2-2 Morning Of Balachaturdasi  14:37
2-3 Pashupatinath  13:43
Disc Two
Execution Ground Ambient
3-1 Pashupatinath Ambient  19:58
3-2 Parish Of Tama Ambient  19:14
Disc Three
Live In Osaka

4-1 Gandhamadana  12:58
4-2 Vaidurya  8:58
4-3 Satapitaka  11:15
4-4 Bodkyithangga  13:04
John And Eye Duo Encore(9:05)
4-5a Black Bile  1:45
4-5b Yellow Bile  0:58
4-5c Blue Bile. 2:40
4-5d Crimson Bile 1:46
4-5e Ivory Bile  1:26

Personnel :  

John Zorn:  Saxophone, Voice 
Bill Laswell:   Basses, Samples 
Mick Harris:  Drums, Samples, Voice 
Makigami Koichi - Vocals (on Marianne)
Haino Keiji - Guitar (on Marianne)


All music composed, arranged by Painkiller .
Marianne composed by Jacks

Guts Of a Virgin
Recorded and mixed April 1991 by Oz Fritz at Greenpoint, Brooklyn 
Assistant Engineer - Wes Naprestek 
Mastering - Howie Weinberg 
Design - Tanaka Tomoyo (KARATH=RAZAR), Anthony Lee (KARATH=RAZAR) 
Photo - Type setting - Lisa Wells
Buried Secrets
Recorded and mixed August and October 1991 by Oz Fritz at Greenpoint, Brooklyn 
Assistant Engineer - Imad Mansour 
Mastering - Howie Weinberg 
Design - Tanaka T.I. (KARATH=RAZAR), Anthony Lee (KARATH=RAZAR) 
Photo - Type setting - Lisa Wells
Execution Ground
Recorded and mixed June 1994 by Oz Fritz at Greenpoint, Brooklyn 
Assistant Engineer - Layng Martine 
Engineering On Ambient pieces - Robert Musso (2-1, 2-2) 
Mastering - Howie Weinberg 
Digital Editing - Scott Hull 
Design - Tanaka Tomoyo (KARATH=RAZAR), Anthony Lee (KARATH=RAZAR) 
Photo - Type setting - Lisa Wells 
Live In Osaka
Recorded November 1994 live in Osaka by Oz Fritz 
Mastering - Allan Tucker

Tzadik Blurb:
An historical reissue released in cooperation with Earache Records. Out of print for years - with most of the material being released domestically for the first time. Painkiller is Bill Laswell, Mick Harris & John Zorn, and this special 4CD package is the ultimate Painkiller document: the complete studio recordings, with all of the original booklets and artwork intact - uncensored and uncompromising, from their classic first release of 1991 Guts Of A Virgin, to Buried Secrets (featuring members of Godflesh) and their 1994 masterpiece Execution Ground. In addition to all of their blistering studio pieces and extended ambient remixes is included a ferocious live performance from Osaka, Japan that captures the band at the height of its powers. Drawing equally from the tradition of jazz, hardcore punk, dub, ambient and much more, Painkiller has created some of the most intense music you're ever likely to hear, enclosed in some of the most deliriously beautiful artwork you're ever likely to see.

Series: Archival Series

Catalogue Number:  TZ7317-4

Release Date:  1998