haborym: book of angels volume 16 (2010)

Track Listing  

1. Turel  6:20 
2. Tychagara  3:39 
3. Carniel  4:42 
4. Bat Qol  2:56 
5. Gamrial  6:41 
6. Elimiel  3:04 
7. Techial  2:06 
8. Umikol  2:31 
9. Malkiel  4:24 
10. Raamiel 6:25 
11. Gergot  3:49


Greg Cohen: Bass  
Mark Feldman: Violin  
Erik Friedlander: Cello


All music composed by John Zorn    
Arranged and Conducted by John Zorn
Produced by John Zorn  
Associate Producer - Kazunori Sugiyama     
Recorded and Mixed by Marc Urselli March 2010 at Eastside Sound, NYC 
Mastering - Scott Hull     
Design - Chippy (Heung-Heung Chin)  

TZADIK Blurb  

The magical interplay and incredible virtuosity of this exhilarating trio of string masters has made it one of the most beloved and acclaimed of all Masada ensembles. Back now by popular demand for their first studio recording in over five years, their telepathic interplay and endless creativity had never been stronger. Ten more tunes from the rich and inventive Book of Angels featuring moody ballads, hypnotic grooves, intense burners and of course the trademark lyricism of the Masada songbook performed by one of the most acclaimed contemporary ensembles in the world. A long awaited release—essential!

Series:  Book Of AngelsArchival Series  

Catalogue Number:  TZ7384  

Release Date:  July 2010